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Player housing is an important new feature in Aion 3.0 and many players are curious of what exactly they can do in their houses. Here we have 2 videos about the gameplay of player housing, made by GM in Korean PTS.

Aion 3.0 - How to Decorate a House

Aion 3.0 - How to Decorate a House

The first video shows the customization of a room. You can place in the room furniture and items, some of which are got from crafting. Of course there will be more and more items added into the game in the future, and some of them could be sold in NCsoft store. The second video brings you into a well-decorated mansion - no doubt that it will cost alot.

Aion 3.0
These houses' structures can be changed

Aion 3.0
You can choose different paints for your house 

You can't wait to have your own house, do you? But the fact is that only a few number of houses' look can be changed. According to NCsoft, players can own a house at level 21 though quest. Normal houses gained through quests can only be customized the internal part. There are better houses (for example those in the pictures above) that can be gained from auction. These houses will be costly but they are fully customizable.

Aion 3.0
You can make food in your own house

More Aion 3.0 details can be found in the previous preview: Aion 3.0 - Instance, Player Housing, Mount, and PvP Details.

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