Aion 3.0 - Instance, Player Housing, Mount, and PvP Details

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Finally more details of Aion 3.0 for Aion fans! In this article, you can expect to see some information of player housing, mounts, PvP, etc. Check it out now.

Aion 3.0


- General & New area

- Instance

- Player housing

- Mount

- PvP videos


No doubt that Aion 3.0 is a highly-anticipated update, and according to Aion development team, they've prepared new level cap, new story, and five new instances: a solo instance, two 6-man instances and a 12-man instance. It seems that there will be a raid about Tiamat(one of the five Dragon Lords) but players won't battle Tiamat in Aion 3.0, too. A new race (not playable) will appear in Aion 3.0 in a new map in Balaurea. In this map, Elyos and Asmodians live in peace. Besides, the game will lower the difficulty in low level maps which will benefit new gamers. Of course there will be new skills but due to the difficulty of translation, let's wait for the official English patchnotes. At last, in the latest interview to Aion team, Aion 3.0 will be released around November in Korea.

Aion 3.0

New area - Sareupan & Lanta Tiama (or Tiamalanta?)

Here lives the new race (it's called Reian, according to some mmosite users)  whose people have wings on their back. Of course there will be some new creatures, too.

Aion 3.0

Aion 3.0

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