New MMOs in September 2011 Round up!

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Before the second CBT came to an end in early September, Blade & Soul unveiled its sixth class - Summoner. Although not much info was disclosed, this new class did excite the players and cause hot discussions. Meanwhile, after making a stir in North America, Vindictus finally tapped into the European market, which is undoubtedly great news for European players. This month, Webzen signed an agreement with Thailand-based Ini3 Digital on C9 operation in Southeast Asia, which indicates another step forward for C9 to enter into the global market. Gamania Game Show held in Taiwan is also a big highlight of this month's new game market. At the show, Gamnaia made public a lineup of well-made highly anticipated projects with gorgeous graphics in one go, like Core Blaze and Langrisser Schwarz, both catching a lot of players' eyeballs. Now, let's check out more info about the new games of this month!

Ask Tao

Ask Tao, developed by China-based Xiamen G-bits and published by Beijing Guangyu Huaxia Technology Co., Ltd, once set a brilliant record of over 1 million concurrent online users in Mainland China. Mikiti is licensed to run the simplified Chinese oversea version of Ask Tao in North America and provide service for all overseas Chinese people throughout the world.

Based on ancient Chinese mythologies, Ask Tao has innovatively introduced more than 40 featured systems and essentially expanded the frame structures of turn-based MMOs by thoroughly overthrowing many existing concepts. In pursuit of Taoism, players have to learn immortal skills and kill devils in this perfect game world. Aside from inheriting the relaxing and strategic elements of the traditional turn-based MMOs, Ask Tao has also integrated MUDs and real-time features just in order to bring forward a whole new game concept. In terms of 2D graphic performance, Ask Tao can be considered as a new standard by rendering extremely exquisite and artistic graphics. Doubtlessly, players are able to be easily immersed in such a beautiful and picturesque game world. Since the game offers 5 playable sects, each with both male and female options, players who are interested in Chinese Taoist cultures and want to experience an original Chinese game will be certain to find a suitable sect and start on their way to becoming immortals.

Full SizeAsk Tao screenshot

Full SizeAsk Tao screenshot

Full SizeAsk Tao screenshot

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