Star Wars: The Old Republic Pre-release Review

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BioWare announced the official release date (12/20/11) for the long anticipated MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic days ago. Though there are still 3 months before the release date, based on the dozens of trailers showcasing gameplay, beta testing, and early game access, a pre-release review can help explain all the interesting features to those who don't have the time to watch over 50 trailers and hundreds of posts talking about the design and gameplay of BioWare's biggest project yet.


One of the most prominent aspects of SW:TOR is choice; customization is the name of the game. With two main factions, the light and dark side, four classes to choose from, and two more sub-classes that players can choose to specialize in, players already have 16 options to choose from before they even create their character (though technically, players choose class specializations after leveling up, many are planning ahead). Those 16 choices are in addition to extremely high level character customization, from eye color to scars and everything in between.


To add even more freedom and choice for players, classes get over 40 companion characters to choose from, which get their own skill sets, abilities, and even level up. Players can also use appearance kits to differentiate their own companions from others.Not only fighting by your side, companion characters also give advice, voice opinions, and give insight into situations.Players can also alter the behavior of companions by telling them which abilities to use and not to use. Companions can also do crafting for players; they can make items using materials you provide, taking away the taxing and boring aspects of craftsmanship. Companions can also fall in love with players, if the players want that to happen. The amount of customization showcased by companion characters also applies to many other aspects of the game, making customization the most noticeable feature of SW:TOR.


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