Soul Master to Start a Test in Autumn, Promotional Trailer Unveiled

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Japan-based Arario has recently announced that they'll kick off a test for Soul Master this autumn, with the game's latest promotional trailer unveiled.

Soul Master Promotional Trailer

The promotional trailer unveiled this time is mainly about Soul Master's background story. Specifically, the in-game character tried to save the girl being chased by monsters, and ran with the girl desperately; the character was required to knock down monsters, but was unfortunately knocked down by monsters; at this point, various important characters made their appearance successively, and the story started!

Full SizeSoul Master

Through about 1.5 years' development after the CBT in the spring of 2010, Soul Master has finally been confirmed to launch another test this autumn. The game is set to be released in China, North America, South Korea and many other parts of the world, and Japan is just its first destination. Arario has got everything ready for the upcoming test of Soul Master, which has spent 1.5 years or so re-developing the in-game systems, in an effort to present players with a distinctive action & strategy MMORPG.

Full SizeSoul Master

Full SizeSoul Master

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