Guild Wars 2 Pledged Not to Sell Anything Evil in Cash Shop

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At the Eurogamer Expo 2011 held last weekend, ArenaNet confirmed that there will be a cash shop for the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2. However, designer Colin Johanson stated that they won't sell anything "evil" in the micro-transaction cash shop.


Here, the definition of evil is anything that can make your character more powerful, such as high-level equipments or weapons. Generally, the stuff sold in the cash shop is purely cosmetic and some extra bonus staff that doesn't necessary for you to buy to play the game. "We like to do the - we like to call it the Is it Evil? test. Every micro-transaction that we do in the game, we have everyone in the company look at it and say Is it Evil? Is it really something we should be selling?" Colin Johanson explained.

It is known that Guild Wars 2 will also adopt the payment mode like its predecessor. You just need to buy the game and then there is no monthly subscription required. So far, the micro-transaction cash shop in Guild Wars is a success. But Guild Wars 2 has a much larger development scale and has been developed for almost 5 years, recouping the costs will be harder. However, Johanson was confident Guild Wars 2 would attract a lot more people than the predecessor, "And we think that that will offset a lot of the development costs in itself."


According to Johanson, they are working hard to enrich the varieties of the cash shop, "If people want to support our company and want to purchase that stuff," he added, "there will be more options for them to do so. And it's totally up to them."

Source: Eurogamer



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