Vindictus EU Open Beta Kicks Off Tomorrow

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Nexon Europe has announced that Vindictus Xtreme closed beta is over, pre-launch stage(open beta) opens from Sep.28th! The long wait for European players is finally over.

Vindictus EU CBT Gameplay Footage

We also get some info about conversion process, beta resets and IP blocks about the forthcoming European release of Vindictus for you.

European players are curious about why it's taking so long to release the game in Europe. Although the conversion process is confidential, Nexon Europ promised that the content will catch up with the North American version very quickly. They are going to release content in less months and they are aiming to catch up with NA's version by next summer.

Full SizeVindictus

Players must be wondering whether European version of Vindictus will employ the IP block system limiting access to countries that are within the European boundary. Unfortunately, European players aren't able to play Vindictus with friens on an intercontinental scale.

Full SizeVindictus

In additon, Nexon Europe will reset the character data including EXP, equipment earned in European beta when Vindictus is released. They are going to localize the game into German, the voice will be localized as well. They don't have any firm plans on adding additional language at the moment.

Sign up to participate in European Vindictus open beta on Vindictus Europe official site.

Source: Vindictus Europe Facebook page

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