Kingdom Under Fire 2 to Kick off a CBT in Late 2011

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The anticipated project Kingdom Under Fire 2, which hasn't released further info since its first trial version was made available at the South Korean game expo G-Star 2010, will kick off its CBT at the end of this year. How are things going with it? The following info is based on an interview done with the CEO of Kingdom Under Fire 2's developer Blueside. Just check!


As disclosed by Blueside's CEO, they're now negotiating with NHN on Kingdom Under Fire 2's test schedule in South Korea. It's expected that the game will launch its CBT late this year. In reality, the game is being tested with no stop by certain enthusiastic members of its official site.

The Kingdom Under Fire series is mainly characterized by uplifting actions & troop command on the massive battlefield, and Kingdom Under Fire 2's biggest goal is just to well interpret this feature.


Kingdom Under Fire 2 players can enjoy real gaming fun from the middle gaming stage. They can advance in an action-based game mode at the early stage, and command troops at the middle stage. With the aid of troops, players can just experience stunning strategic elements besides thrilling actions. The higher level players are at, the more troops they can command (3 troops at most).

According to the CEO, Kingdom Under Fire 2 will present players with the actions more impressive than those in common action games, as well as detail the aspect of troop command. In terms of strategies, Kingdom Under Fire 2 which's supported by an enhanced AI system will enable troops to do perfect actions after players give corresponding orders. Players will be able to control characters and command troops at the same time.


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