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C9 is an Mmorpg , fast action tapped developed by cloud studio, webzen and published by hangame. Since the OBT C9 promised something different, something unique, and they have accomplished that promise, C9 offers an unique combat sistem, a fast combo based fight without losing the thematic of an mmorpg game. This is one of the best mmorpgs at the moment (at my judge), C9 its a next-gen game, pretty well made, with awesome graphics and a well made dynamic.

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Since the 5th continent patch C9 level cap was changed from 57 to 64, practically there was new no skills for those new 7 levels, they have changed some things of the balance but nothing so important. Many players were a little frustrated about the patch because the game turns a little repetitive cause they done the same combos over and over again, so Hangame decided to add a new skill for each class, an ultimate skill, those new ultimate skills cant be learned like the other ones, you might pass a bunch of quests to get it and then you will upgrade your class to the 3rd class and get a new skill, this quest is available for players who have reach lvl 49 or more.

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  • Hunter Skills:
    • Assassin: The assassins focus their energy in their hands and making a lightning edge stuns the enemies and finishing them stabbing in their heart the edge of judge.
    • Shadow: The shadow gets knifes in his legs and hands and starts to flash cut their enemies causing a devastating damage combo
    • Ranger: The rangers mount its bow and start to fire millions of arrows in the air
    • Scout: Scouts practically make explode the ground causing devastating damage in a huge 360 grades range.

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