Steampunk-themed MMO Black Gold Unveils Barbarians

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Since officially made public, the full-3D steampunk-themed online fantasy game Black Gold, which's co-developed by Snail Game and a Russian company, has been anticipated by numerous players.

Black Gold Online - Debut Trailer

It's said that as Snail Game's first 3D online fantasy game that breaks free of traditional themes, Black Gold takes "steampunk" as its core creatively in a brand-new narration mode, and presents the audience with an all-new fanciful world characterized by the hostility between steam machines and natural forces.

Black Gold

Devoted to creating an epic world with heroic and intense struggles, Black Gold has been confirmed to integrate 2 continents, 2 factions, 6 races and 24 classes.

Set in such a massive world, Black Gold skillfully designs the storyline and events, and endows each race with a unique story for the sake of the realization of the six in-game races' fierce duels and conflicts of interest.

Black Gold

Black Gold has released little new info since its two classes' concept art was revealed at Gamescom 2011. But recently, it has unveiled the race "Barbarians" officially, and made public some character design charts as well as the concept art of werewolves, bearmen and bullmen that valiant barbarians can transform info by use of natural magic.

Black Gold - werewolf

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