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Are you tired of shooting each other with guns? Have you ever wondered how the creatures feel when they get shot or when they are biting the humans? Soon you will have the chance to find that out in Primal Carnage, the latest shooting MMO developed by independent game studio Lukewarm Media. Primal Carnage focuses on the war between human and dinosaur but different from other shooting games, it provides you a chance to act against humans as a dinosaur. The third installment of alpha gameplay footage has been released by Lukewarm Media recently, so let's find out what the game looks like in advance.

The storyline of Primal Carnage starts in an abandoned military island where a group of mercenaries are sent to wipe out a bunch of uncontrollable dinosaurs.

As a shooting MMO on PC platform, Primal Carnage offers players a gameplay similar to MMOFPS, except for the extra option that allows players to control a dinosaur as a third person. No matter human or dinosaur, there are different classes for both races. The humans are classified as Scientist, Commando, Pathfinder, Trapper and Pyro, while the dinosaurs are divided into five categories, including T-Rex, Raptor, Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon and Compsognathus. Such design and subject will be attractively innovative for players, although some may concern the balance of these classes (Pteranodon can fly in the sky and rush at the enemies from the air).

Primal Carnage

Compared with the giant dinosaurs, the human gains advantage on the flexibility. However, acting as a T-Rex, the prehistoric earth dominator, seems more charming for many players. Moreover, the T-Rex has a thick skin that bullets cannot easily pierce, and it also can eat humans to recover HP.

Primal Carnage

Primal Carnage is still in the works but Lukewarm Media will release more information now and again through the official website. Let's wait and see.

Primal Carnage

Primal Carnage

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