Rumor: Guild Wars 2 to Begin Closed Beta in November?

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Looking back at February this year, ArenaNet has confirmed there will be a small closed alpha and beta test for Guild Wars 2 before the end of 2011 but they don't announce a specific date. However, today comes a new rumor that Guild Wars 2 may begin its closed beta test in November.


The news comes from a French gaming site, who has translated a Korean gaming convention press release from NCSoft saying that ArenaNet will present Guild Wars 2 at Korea's largest gaming expo – Gstar on November 10th-13th. In addition, a statement also included in the press release: ArenaNet would be present at the expo "following the start of the Beta West". (translated from Google)

Take it with a pinch of salt because it was translated from Korean to French to English. But according to Martin Kerstein's response in a GW2Guru thread, it seems that November's beta is plausible.

What is there to deny? Or FAQ states for quite a while now that we will do closed (that is the key word here) beta tests this year.

Again - the keyword here is CLOSED.

Source: GW2Guru


There's only three months left for this year, therefore, let's wait and see!

Source: MMOCrunch



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