NHN JAPAN Announced to Include G-CLOUD Service in Dragon Nest

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The 2011 Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2011) officially kicked off on September 14. Hangame, a popular South Korean game portal operated by NHN Japan, announced "G-GLOUD Service" at TGS2011 in an attempt to offer players brand new gaming experience. Source: 4gamer (JP)

Dragon Nest (JP) - Cloud Gaming Technology

Being a new type of service which emerged following the concept specialization of online game service, "G-GLOUD Service" will bring a new revolution to online game players. To put it simple, it allows the client-side program of an online game to be started on G-CLOUD server. Game graphics will be transmitted to the end platform in the way of streaming play. In such a way, players can directly play online game without the need to install its client on a portable or tablet PC.


There are two important requirements for the end platform to receive graphic transmission: one is it can continuously connect to the network environment. The other is it has the hardware function of playing graphics. The requirement relating to hardware is by no means strict. Actually it is acceptable as long as it can play graphics. The internal processing of online game itself will totally count on G-CLOUD server, though the results have to be transmitted in real time. Therefore, the system requirements for playing game become lower, which is one of the charms of G-CLOUD service to attract such a large quantity of gamers!


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