DOTA 2 Sound File and 16 New Heroes Icon Leaked

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There are 16 new heroes icon of DOTA 2 Leaked. They are Admiral, syllabear, Huskarr, Lanaya, Rubick, Rikimaru, Juggernaut, Bloodseeker, Clinkz, Skeleton King, Bane, Warlock, Bloodmother, Twin-Headed Dragon, Queen of Pain and N'aix. Check out the picture below.

Full SizeDOTA 3 16 New Heroes Icon

This is the complete list of the heroes rooster on the current DOTA 2 Beta version.

Full SizeDOTA 2 Heroes Complete List

This is the heroes pick screen.

DOTA 2 heroes pick screen

In additional, we got the DOTA 2 sound file.You can download it yourself from here or you can just play the Youtube sound video.

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