[Part 2]Blade & Soul: New Class + Systems Hands-on Review

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In terms of new systems, Blade & Soul's faction system is the most eye-catching. When reaching Level 25 and completing a specific quest, players can choose to join one of the two opposing factions: "Wulin League" and "Turbid Heaven" and then get a specific costume that represents their faction. However, they cannot join both of them or change their choice later. If only they wear the factional costume, they can fight against players, monsters and NPCs from the hostile faction. Additionally, they can accept exclusive faction quests, increase amity and win rewards.

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot

If you want to challenge an instance but cannot find teammates, you can come to the Party Pillar, which is located at the entrance of every instance. Press the H key to automatically search for nearby players and team up. In this way, you don't need to yell for the sake of inviting teammates. Furthermore, there is a NPC beside the Party Pillar, you can exchange items obtained in the instance for weapons with the NPC.

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot
The Party Pillar is on the right

Another new system is the special crafting system. As long as players find the manufacture NPC, choose the target item and submit required materials, they can ask the NPC to help produce the target item. Press the L key to check the production progress and claim the item when the time runs out.

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot
Exchange weapons with the NPC

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