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Recently we were given the opportunity to have an interview with the developers of Victory: Age of Racing. The racing MMO is currently in closed beta, and I would like to thank the developers for taking the time for this interview during the busy testing period.

Victory: The Age of Racing

Michael Fuchs (MMOsite:) Hello, my name is Michael Fuchs, and I am a Columnist with MMOsite. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your position working on Victory: Age of Racing?

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Michael! My name is Brian Konar, I'm a Producer with GamersFirst and have been working with Victory: The Age of Racing since we partnered with the games developer a few years back.

Victory: The Age of Racing

Michael Fuchs (MMOSITE:) How would you describe Victory: Age of Racing to someone that has never heard of it before?

Victory combines realistic racing with MMO features. Players can create endless combinations of unique cars, and compete against friends across three separate zones each with five unique tracks. As players level their cars by competing with others they will be able to modify their cars performance by acquiring select upgrades in the form of better tires, more powerful engines and higher quality suspension components. Each car is built off a block system – there is a front, middle and rear block. By combining these blocks, you have limitless body styles to choose from. Once your car design is set, you can apply all different types of paint from metallic to matte or pearlescent. Then you can really get funky with your design utilizing a variety of different decals, forms and patterns to make your car stand out! The customization of your car is ongoing – as you level, you will gain access to more accessories such as mirrors, rims, windshields, and steering wheels. Eventually we will incorporate leader boards and new game modes such as mini championships to take the competition even further!



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