New MMOs in August 2011 Round up!

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When recalling the MMORPG titles of August, we have to mention two well-known game shows. One is GamesCom and the other is PAX. Both these two world-renowned game shows chose to meet players at the end of summer vocation, perfectly bringing down the curtain of the summer competition among developers and publishers. TERA, Guild Wars 2, Wildstar, The Secret World and many other new MMORPG titles were showcased at this year's GamesCom. Three leading game companies from South Korea also brought their new products to GamesCom 2011. But PAX 2011 is by no means less brilliant. Firefall, Guild Wars2, Star Wars, Warhammer Online and Smite, a newly unveiled DOTA MMORPG, released their latest development results and videos there. Apart from the above two game shows, what other surprises have we got in August? No doubt, Blade & Soul's second round of closed beta testing. Now starting from the second CBT of Blade & Soul, let's recollect the new MMORPGs of August 2011 together.

Blade & Soul

NCsoft's highly anticipated project Blade & Soul has kicked off its second closed beta test starting from August 29th to September 10th. In the second CBT, Blade & Soul made available a brand-new class Assassin besides the original four classes. Evolving from the first CBT version, the game opened the wholly new "Desert" to players and raised its level cap to Lvl 37, even some featured systems including coin exchange system, auction system collecting system and so on.

Full SizeBlade  & Soul screenshot

Full SizeBlade  & Soul screenshot

Full SizeBlade  & Soul screenshot

Full SizeBlade  & Soul screenshot



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