Skill Overload in Jade Dynasty, More Than Just Simple PvE

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I recently gave Jade Dynasty a spin, the martial arts MMO based on the popular internet novel, Zhu Xian. I have been unable to find an English translation of the work so while I'm unsure of the accuracy; the game itself is a combination of numerous skill trees, multiple advancement options and micro-management tactics that are incredibly layered. Unfortunately the actual PVE elements of game and story come secondary.

Jade Dynasty

While Jade Dyanasty is a game published by Perfect World, and has some similarities in mechanics to games like Forsaken World, it offers significantly more in the way of character development, even more than I've seen in any other MMO.

The game starts with you choosing your race, Human or Athan. As an Athan you'll be given the option to then choose what Faction of Athan you are, which is essentially your class. On the flip side, Humans must complete an initiate trial and choose which Faction to join. To give an example, an Athan who chooses the faction Celan is a harp playing healer, much like the Human Skysong is a staff wielding healer.

Abilities are learned through your skill tree, so unlike other MMO's where you gain skills based on your level, your primary class skills come from where you put points into. This has potential to create very unique characters, such as a Celan who can focus on progression paths related to Healing, AOE damage or Support with single target debuffing and group buffing.

Jade Dynasty

But the skills don't stop there, as you progress in the game you'll gain the options to advance in various other skill trees such as Affinity, Tome and other Social based skills. For example, having a romance with a character of the opposite sex will eventually give you the options to heal, carry, resurrect and teleport to each other. Joining a clan provides a series of skill options as well, though the Affinity and Tome skills offer a way to really increase the focus of your character's abilities.

While it will take some time before you are inundated with abilities and trying to find room on your bars to place them, the Combo system allows you to set up through a drag and drop interface any series of skills and assign them to one button. This way a Celan, through one click, will cast an accuracy debuff, followed by a normal attack, then a direct damage cast, followed by a normal attack and repeat the process.

In addition to these skills you have an ascension system, which is the ability to take a character between the levels of one hundred and thirty five and one hundred and fifty from their current level and start them over from level fifteen, though with the ten additional skill points and dramatically increased stats. While you have the option of doing this at one hundred and thirty five, it makes more sense to wait until one hundred and fifty, so that you gain the maximum amount of stats to carry over. Also, the experience needed to continue advancing continues to increase, so it will take more time at level fifteen on the second play through than on the first. It's also a storage challenge as you can't wear armor above your current level, regardless if you have ascended.

Jade Dynasty



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