Langrisser Schwarz Debuts at Gamania Game Show 2011

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Taiwan-based online game developer Gamania has just unveiled their on-going MMORPG Langrisser Schwarz at Gamania Game Show 2011, a game show held in Taiwan during 8-9, September. Many elements including its class system, class-transfer system, mercenary system went public for the first time.

Langrisser Schwarz - Gamania Game Show 2011 Trailer

Langrisser Schwarz is adapted from the renowned console game Langrisser, which achieved over one-million sales thought out the whole world. In addition to keeping the memorable features of the original Langrisser, Gamania also brings many new elements into this new game, such as grand storylines, confrontation between three factions, interesting battle system, vivid action designs and abundant items. The new story will start from the contradiction between the Light, Dark and Empire, and develop with the fight for rare items like magic sword, as well as different beliefs, rights to survival…

Langrisser Schwarz

Goddess Lushiris's Question

The class-choosing process is quite interesting. Players have to finish the "Goddess Lushiris's Question" before they can choose their class from six different ones: fighter, ranger, guardian, archer, magician and priest. Players will also be able to collect Training Point and use them to change their class to a senior one latter. After they finish the transfer, they can begin to learn the new class's skills. It is just a matter of time for them to master all skills.

Langrisser Schwarz

Langrisser Schwarz



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