Summoner Confirmed as Blade & Soul's 6th Class

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In the latest interview, Blade & Soul's developer team confirms to Thisisgame that summoner is the 6th class of the Unreal Engine 3 extravaganza. Summoner had been spotted in the G-star 2009 trailer and then rumors popped up. But the class doesn't get confirmed until now.

The developer doesn't give more details about summoner, though you can take a glance at this class at the G-star 2009 trailer below. The class is shown at the beginning of the video, as the Lyn race. Apart from summoner, according to the developer, "totally brand new classes we haven’t seen from any games so far" are under consideration.

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The interview also covers some issues such as crafting and RvR combat, which are complained by CBT participants. You can read the English version of interview at Thisisgame.

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot



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