NCsoft Emphasized Blade & Soul Essentially Differs From Aion

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Since Blade & Soul's 2nd CBT is in full swing, Korean media began to report that Blade & Soul copied some systems of Aion and it may make Aion's market share decline rapidly. NCsoft strongly condemned such irresponsible words.

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Bae Jae-Hyun, the development director of Blade & Soul made it clear at the press conference in Seoul on September 8th, Blade & Soul are essentially different from Aion. According to the economist at NCsoft, Aion's sales will only drop by 10-20% after the release of Blade & Soul.

Bae compared the two games in several aspects.

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First, as for the combat mode, Aion adopts a European fantasy style, while Blade & Soul boosts oriental martial arts. Aion has MT, healing and DPS classes, but Blade & Soul doesn't have specific classes.

Second, in terms of character creation, Aion provides multiple options and colorful costumes, enabling players to create their unique characters, but Blade & Soul don't have such features.

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