[Part 1]B&S Interview: AD Tells You Details about New Clothes and Items

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Blade & Soul, a fantasy MMORPG in development by Korea-based NCsoft, is currently undergoing its second CBT. NCsoft has particularly offered exclusive areas in 50 chain net bars in South Korea for players who failed to obtain the qualification to participate in the second CBT to experience Blade & Soul. And there are NCsoft Operating Department staff instructing players on-site how to play the game. In a net bar, a journalist happened to encounter Hyung-tae Kim, concept arts designer for Blade & Soul, and conducted a brief interview with Kim. During the interview, Kim revealed that there are a lot more about Blade & Soul to be displayed to players. Check out the details below.

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Blade & Soul Screenshot

Blade & Soul Screenshot

Q: Players are concerned a lot with the clothes and items in Blade & Soul. During the second CBT, why most players chose Turbid Heaven clothes rather than Wulin League clothes?

A: As a matter of fact, I didn't expect such a situation. But I'd like to inform players that soon afterwards, there will be more gorgeous Wulin League clothes available. In addition, more clothes will be released gradually for each faction. So, just stay tuned.

Q: Many players highly praised the clothes in Blade & Soul. Which clothes is the most satisfactory to you?

A: I'm satisfied with all the clothes that have been so far released. If I really have to choose one, I'd say Turbid Heaven clothes.

Blade & Soul Screenshot
Blade & Soul Turbid Heaven clothes

Q: Can players select from NPC clothes?

A: Players can select any in-game clothes. The only problem is not all of them have been released. In the future, players will have a wide variety of clothes to select from.

Q: Among the clothes players can obtain, which one is the best?

A: We're not supposed to reveal which one is the best. But here I'll give players a hint that it is included in the pictures shown below, though for the moment it's hard to say whether any player can obtain it during the second CBT.

Which player can obtain this clothes during this CBT?



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