Blade & Soul: How to Make an Excellent Stealth Assassin?

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Before we get to the topic, a brief explanation is probably needed, in case some audience are not familiar with Blade & Soul.

There are two kinds of skills in Blade & Soul. One is learned through NPC (referred as "Learned Skill" in the following), and the other is mastered by assigning points (referred as "Mastered Skill" in the following), which is similar to the traditional way adopted in MMORPG.

Assassin: a stealth killer with fast move

Assassin attacks very fast and has the ability to turn invisible like a ninja. These features make her like a shadow in battle. She can hardly get hurt when in a duel with a single Boss, however when in a large-scale battle, she may die quickly because of brittleness. That's the characteristic of this class.

Invisibility skill and excellent assassination techniques create a stealth killer and also give her great ability to survive. In addition, the assassin also owns some ability that belongs to magicians, such as throwing smoke bombs. Nevertheless, the question is how and when to develop these skills? Following guidance may give you a hint.


During this phase, the assassin can learn her basic skill-invisibility, which enables her to attack the enemy like a shadow. And the skill of placing landmines is also very effective, because it may injure or even kill the enemies.

Suggestion for assigning points to Mastered Skills: (PS: Only Mastered Skills are discussed in the table; similarly hereinafter.)

Mastered Skill



Smoke Bomb Training

Throw a smoke bomb in order to hide from the enemy.


Shadow Status Training

Enter shadow status and gain high defence when attack the enemies.


Shadow Move Training

Move faster and enable the assassin to hide from the enemy.


Landmine Expansion

Enable the assassin to bury a landmine in a broader range and also expand the area of effect.



When the assassin is in a team and encounters danger, this marvelous skill can save the whole team by increasing the team members' dodge.


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