[Part 2]B&S Interview: AD Tells You Details about New Clothes and Items

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Q: After undergoing twice closed beta tests, will there be any possibility that the character design style will change?

A: If players give awesome suggestions, I'll take them into account seriously. We have drawn some very valuable suggestions from our official forum as well as some other game forums, from which, we got to know which parts of characters need to be changed. For example, players said some NPCs and characters have too coarse leg muscles and their toes are not arranged in harmony, etc. As long as players put forward their opinions, I'll adopt them positively.

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Q: It seems female characters are receiving more attention than male characters, why?

A: That's true. I also hope players can offer us more suggestions for modifying male characters. The Dev Team received extremely few suggestions for male character modification. They have no idea where to start.

Male characters receive fairly little attention

Q: Is that because female characters are too beautifully designed?

A: We're also introspecting ourselves. After all, usually male players will choose male characters, but in fact, many of them are choosing female characters. This is really annoying.

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Q: How do you intend to modify or adjust male characters?

A: Actually, there is not much to modify. Maybe face, hairstyle and action effects will be modified. Currently, male characters lack personalized characteristics. We also want to add personalized elements in male characters. But it's easier said than done. It requires time and energy to make it happen.

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