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With Perfect World's recent acquisition of Cryptic Studios, makers of Star Trek Online and Champions Online, I wanted to familiarize myself with the type of games that Perfect World puts out to see what I might expect to be implemented into Star Trek Online, if anything.

My first impression of Forsaken World was that the font and coloring of the logo was very similar to another rather large and mainstream MMO. However, the similarities ended there. Character creation allowed me to create very eastern themed archetypes; slender, but muscularly toned men with big hair and large-breasted women with as little functional armor as possible. You'll also notice as you start up the game that some elements appear to be lost in translation.

Forsaken World

For example, there is a Kindred race that is essentially Vampires, but there is also a class, called Vampire. This Vampire class is equipped with a large crucifix that Vampires carry on their backs and apparently walking in sunlight is ok. I also don't need to drink blood and can eat food items just fine. In a world where movies, TV shows and books are tossing out Bram Stoker and Anne Rice's Vampire lore and replacing it with the likes of Twilight and Being Human, I suppose this new type of friendly neighborhood emo-day-walker vampirism is to be expected.

Forsaken World



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