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At the PAX Prime 2011, Funcom successfully attracted many players with the release of abundant new information about their upcoming horror MMO, The Secret World. In addition to Polaris, a 5-player instance, many other new contents, including a demo of the new single-player quest, were made public for the first time too.

The Secret World

Single-player quest
The demo began with a secret Illuminati agent on his way to meet an informer. Such scenario may be common in real world, but in The Secret World, it always indicates something unusual will happen. Soon, the agent found out that the meeting place was occupied by a cluster of zombies and some other creatures. Surprisingly, the opposing faction Templars also appeared, which made things more complicated.

The Secret World

Dynamic Light
Dynamic Light is a new element added into this game. This technology helps players observe the surroundings when they wear cap-lamp or fire off a signal flare. This could be very useful in dark buildings, but just as a coin has two sides, this technology may also bring troubles for it could draw the enemies’ attention. Certainly, players can also wisely make use of the light to distract the enemies and attract them to a wrong place. This technology also applies to PVP areas, where players not only have to watch for the monsters but also should determine whether it's more important to gain vision or avoid being seen by opponents.

The Secret World



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