Blade & Soul: 4 Videos to Show Kung-Fu Master Training and Cultivation

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To some extent, in Blade & Soul, Kung-Fu Masters are a symbol of strength as they have iron arms and legs and have reached the highest level in physical power. How to be an eligible Kung-Fu Master? The following videos from the second beta test will tell you.

In the tutorial mode, players must fight against puppets. It is unknown whether other classes have the same experience. The Counterattack skill of Kung-Fu Masters plays an important role in combat, which allows players to have a breathing spell at a fixed time once it is used. If players are attacked at that moment, their Counterattack skill will put an end to their enemy's life. The cooldown of Explosive Fists will be shortened consequently.

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More to the point, Kung-Fu Masters need to take good control of the effective time when using the Counterattack skill.

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