Unique Economic Systems Unveiled in Blade & Soul 2nd CBT

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MMO players take delight in trading items in the auction house, but the prices may be very different in different servers. Some items that cost a great deal of gold may be half priced in other servers, which always make players feel grieved.

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To avoid such things and win the favor of players, Blade & Soul has introduced a different auction system. Based on special technologies, the auction system allows players from all servers to buy and sell items at almost uniform prices.

Players should register at relevant NPCs' before selling or buying items. Since an auction house can be found in every village, it is very convenient for players to trade anytime, anywhere.

The greatest advantage of the unified auction system is that it helps settle market prices and enable players from desolate servers to acquire items easily. As the price is stabilized, the population of each server will become balanced, which is beneficial to future server merge.

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