Finally, Konami Decides to Make A PES MMO

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In 2011, EA and Konami's FIFA vs. PES war will continue, and expand. Konami just announced to team up with Korean MMO developer NHN to make a PES online game, targeting on MMO gamers.

PES online

The game will be called Winning Eleven Online and planned to start open beta in 2012, but its engine and gaming mode are unknown. Konami promises to optimize the controlling in PC, and according to the renowned Japanese video game developer, the game will only release in Korea at launch, but it may enter global market in the future.

PES online

Obviously Konami wants to take a chunk out of EA's online market as EA Sport has developed 2 online versions of FIFA. However, it's never an easy job to make a soccer MMO when you have to make balance between realism and fun.

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