Faction Confrontation: New PVP Contents in Blade & Soul's Second CBT

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NCsoft's latest project, the highly-anticipated Blade & Soul, has opened its second close beta test. In the latest version, many brand new contents are made public officially. One of them is the confrontation between two opposing factions: "Wulin League" and "Turbid Heaven". Players can choose to join one of them and then get a specific costume that represents their faction.

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Don't know which one to join? Then take a look at the background of these two factions first. Maybe you will find out which faction interests you most.

Wulin League is formed by many martial arts schools. However, as time passes, many schools have researched and developed their unique kung fu in secret. So Wulin League is actually not a school but a union created by many schools. Its aim is to wipe out evildoers and bring back peace to the world again.

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Contrarily, Turbid Heaven is set as an evil faction in Blade & Soul. In fact, it was a secret righteous organization who acted for justice and the benefits of civilians in the first place. It was praised and esteemed by common people until a notorious devil joined and turned it into an evil cult. They confuse the people's minds by putting forward the doctrine as "Turbid Heaven is coming; we come for the salvation of mortal beings from the sufferings."

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Troubled Martial Arts World



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