New Map Released in Blade & Soul's 2nd CBT With the Final Boss Debuting

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Blade & Soul screenshot
The final boss-"Flame Demon"

The second close beta test of Blade & Soul, the most highly anticipated MMORPG developed by Korea-based NCsoft, has been kicked off. In the latest version, a new map is released. It is called "Desert" and provides 10 new instances for players to experience, including "Motifs Town", "Hot Sand", "Death Forest", "Five-color Cave" and etc. Surprisingly, these instances are not only about raid but also designed to provide players some casual experience.

Blade & Soul screenshot
The location of the instances

During all these instances, "Sacrifice Grave" is the final one. It is located in "Desert" with "Flame Demon" who is covered by some creepy atmosphere all over, as the final Boss. Although he usually uses body to launch melee attack, he does have the ability to cast fireballs and will do this ever and again.

Blade & Soul screenshot
"Flame Demon" transforms to King Kong.

Blade & Soul screenshot
"Flame Demon" transforms to King Kong.



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