Blade & Soul's Second CBT Review: Girls Return

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The second closed beta test of NCsoft's highly anticipated game Blade & Soul has been kicked off on August 29th. NCsoft opened four servers for this test, but just not enough to fit so many enthusiastic gamers who have been waiting and paying great attention to it.

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There are many new contents released in the second CBT. The new map "Desert" level is raised to 37. And also the brand new class, assassin makes its debut and goes playable in the game.

However, the most eye-catching part is the presence of the sexy and beautiful female characters. Not only Nangong Rou, the most beautiful girl in Blade & Soul returns, but Chen Ruiyan, known as "The Worst of Evils", also comes on the stage. In fact, the main story taking place in Desert centers on hunting her down.

The test opened at 12:00 noon Aug. 29th as scheduled, but a short crash happened not long after. Luckily, the problem got fixed and everything returned to normal very quickly. Check out the detailed review below.

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  • Brand new instances with new designs

The Desert offers 10 instances, most of which are to provide players a casual experience and help them know the storyline better. In these instances, the most beautiful girl Nangong Rou, as well as Chen Ruiyan, will appear. Although Chen is known as a female devil, she actually has a very attractive appearance. No wonder some beta-players even yelled that goddess returned after saw these two beauties.

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