Tragedy! Blade & Soul Suffers a Server Crash on 2nd CBT Day 1

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The most anticipated project Blade & Soul from Korea-based NCsoft kicked off its second CBT at 12:00pm August 29. During the 2-week second CBT, Blade & Soul will open 4 servers in succession, and the server first opened is called "Gon".

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Unfortunately, shortly after being opened at 12:00pm August 29 by NCsoft, the "Gon" server got stuck in the company of server disconnection that once occurred in the first CBT. This just caused NCsoft to be criticized for failing to think carefully enough, though server crashes were common in game tests.

After the temporary "tragedy", things returned to normal immediately, but players still had to queue for long after entering the game. Thus, NCsoft planned to open a new server group later that day.

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Blade & Soul's second CBT version is greatly different from its first CBT one, which can be seen from the introduction of the brand-new class "Assassin" and the integration of the "Blade & Soul" control mode that enables players to change their visual angle freely and fight with monsters automatically.

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