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It is known that Blade & Soul launched its 2nd CBT on August 29th. However, what's new in this test? Dive into the up-to-date info below to find the answer. Pay special attention to the new systems, like PVP system, economic system and group system.

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The assassin class has been added in this test, so five classes are playable in the game now. Apart from the open Jae Yong Woods map, a new desert map for high-level players has been made available. In the meantime, the level cap has been raised from Level 20 to Level 37.

Additionally, new factional confrontation, large-scale raids, crafting and collecting system have been added.

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  • PVE (Player vs. Environment) System Unveiled

A. New Instances Overview (Desert)

Ultimate Instance: Sacrifice Grave (Ultimate Boss: Flame Lord)

The ultimate boss Flame Lord is waiting for players to challenge. As the evil Flame Lord takes its body as a weapon to throw at players and is capable of dashing against players fiercely and breathing out fire from afar, players should have strong coordination and flexible reactions.

Additionally, 10 small-scale instances have been updated in the desert map. Since they are specially designed for relaxation, they are not hard to conquer. Challenge them in four different places and have fun there!

Flame Lord - The ultimate boss in the 2nd CBT
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B. Coin Exchange System

Coins can be obtained by means of passing through instances and completing quests, and can be exchanged for items with Coin Dealers, including various potions, advanced crafting tools, weapons, armor and special costumes.

When players hit the level cap, they can earn coins in a leisure mode, no longer limit to specific quests and instances.

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