GIGANTOMAKHIA is a New Robot Action MMO from Japanese Developer

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Japanese are good at designing robots, and they can make good robot games, too. Now they are making another robot game and this time, they make it in the form of MMO, an MMO action shooter, precisely. GIGANTOMAKHIA is what the developer Gamepot calls the game, and the game is recruiting 3,000 players for Japanese alpha test which will due in early September now. GIGANTOMAKHIA official site:


Briefly translated from Japanese, GIGANTOMAKHIA sets in the year of 2299, 180 years after the earth was hit by an asteroid which led to the human race's migration to Mars. When human returns to earth, they find that the planet has been occupied by the mysterious robotic creature called "Ghouls", and players will begin their adventure here. By controlling the huge machine they call "Unit", players will help to recapture the future of humanity.


Well, the back story could be very old and boring to you, how about we take a look at the robots? The control is just like that of many shooting games' mouse + keyboard style. Jump, sprint, and crouch are available, and you can change the camera to fit your play style. The graphics looks not bad the robots are well-designed and feature quite a lot of details.



The developer Gamepot is also the developer of Wizardry Online, which has confirmed for western market. Will GIGANTOMAKHIA get the chance to head to west? Who knows.


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