Blade & Soul: The 5th Class - Top Killer Assassin Details Preview

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The most anticipated Blade & Soul, developed by South Korea-based NCsoft revealed its fifth class-Assassin through the official microblog last year, however, the assassin class didn't show up in the first CBT, so lots of players felt bad about it. Since Blade & Soul is going to kick off its 2nd CBT on August 29th, players will be able to experience the charm of the assassin class after a long wait at last.

  • Stealth - Stealthy Expert

Assassins can vanish in the twinkling of an eye and surprise the enemy from behind by using the stealth skill. Their powerful attacks also bring out their nature of killers.

  • Raid - The assassin specially attacks the enemy's rear

Assassins may turn up behind others at any time, which will cause lethal damage to their foes. In the meantime, they always aim at the target's neck. Therefore, players should do more practice on their basic reactions, otherwise they may lose their lives without knowing how.

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  • Hidden Weapon - A tiger with wings

Hidden weapons play an important role in the course of the assassin's stealth and raid. In Blade & Soul, assassins can attack their enemies with various hidden weapons. Certainly, different from what can be seen in movies, these hidden weapons cannot put the enemy to death instantly.

  • Weapon Rain - The highest level of assassination technique

As described in martial arts novels, assassins often use the weapon rain to sweep enemies. What is weapon rain? It is a skill that hidden weapons fall from the sky continuously like raindrops, preventing nearby enemies from escaping. It can be said that this skill is of great importance for assassins.

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