Successful Closed Beta Test for Alliance of Valiant Arms in Thailand

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Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A), a FPS game with mind blowing graphical effects, has proudly debuted as the first game in the new PlayFPS portal. It has created a phenomenal online FPS trend, extremely anticipated by gamers throughout Thailand as everyone waited anxiously to have first dibs into this online game. In addition, has also climbed steadily fast in web rankings by Truehits, becoming one of the TOP 10 popular online FPS game websites. Within 3 days after the launch, more than one million gamers have logged in to the portal.


The Closed Beta Test in Thailand launched smoothly and many gamers craved for some action during the CBT period. With this ardent support from fans, A.V.A looks set to compete and be crowned the "Best FPS Game of the Year" title. PlayFPS has also officially announced that the Open Beta Test for A.V.A. in Thailand will start from 1st September 2011.


A.V.A was exclusively released earlier for CBT in @Cafes and PlayFPS cafe members all over Thailand from 4th August to 8th August 2011, officially going into CBT for all gamers from 9th August 2011. This is part of the plan to give the internet cafe industry a boost. Service teams from PlayFPS are deployed to the cafes locally in Thailand to interact with the FPS gamers, providing game play advice, assistance with registration, as well as troubleshooting on the spot, all in the name of encouraging FPS players to try out A.V.A. In these internet cafes. Positive feedback was received, with many gamers enjoying their A.V.A. experience within these internet cafes, and help to create an A.V.A. fever among the community.


The continuous cooperation from the internet cafes, and the great support oof gamers during this @Cafe exclusive testing has helped the PlayFPS team to fix major problems and bugs, and improve the rediness of the main CBT event that followed. This move also impressed many gamers as they could see for themselves, the level of commitment from Asiasoft to provide the best gaming experience to their gamers. CBT will continue its testing until 28th August 2011, and has many special activities and events lined up to engage all A.V.A gamers. Collectors can also keep a look out for rare guns to enhance their A.V.A gameplay.

A.V.A will start its OBT from 1st September 2011, with many engaging activities brought to gamers by the PlayFPS team. Enjoy a true online FPS experience with A.V.A. At now!



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