Guild Wars 2: A Milestone for MMO-based Competitions

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In addition, GW2 introduces construction and landscape destruction systems, which improves the unpredictability and visual effects of matches to a greater extent. What's more important, the systems require players to improve manipulation and tactics further since making use of construction and landscape may overturn the situation.

Guild Wars 2

World of Warcraft and Warcraft III have also applied the systems, but why were not popular among professional electronic sports competitors? In my opinion of view, that's mainly because of the harsh demand for the amount of participators. Just imagine, isn't it difficult to start a professional game with at least 10 players on each side? Though Warcraft III has once reduced the amount of starting participators to 6 on each side, it still didn't work much because the game had already on the decline. In contrast, GW2 requires each side to be made up of 5 players only, which makes teaming-up much easier. Perhaps the GW2 dev team has learned a lesson from previous games.

At last, I would like to recommend 2 PvP videos found at GamesCom 2011.

An ArenaNet employee controlled the Elementalist. The guy seemed to be quite skilled probably because he was extremely familiar with the game. So this video is really pretty wonderful.

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The other one demonstrates a Warrior instead. Many people may be eager to know how Warriors can be like in GW2. I believe this video has given a satisfactory answer. The player was smart enough to hit the main points and make good use of finishing skills though it was the first time he used the finishing move.

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