Hunter Blade Goes English, Closed Beta Begins August 24

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The news comes from a post in ONRPG that Hunter Blade, known as the Chinese version of Monster Hunter Frontier Online seems to have an English server. Developed by JoyChina, Hunter Blade is a 3D action MMORPG features gorgeous graphics and dynamic action designs. The closed beta test has begun at 0:00 A.M on August 24th.

Hunter Blade

As a 3D action hunting game, Hunter Blade emphasizes the game balance and smooth fighting actions based on the beautiful game scene. Server of this testing will be WingWolf (Wing Wolf is violent, cruel and has vigorous stature and powerful wings. It also has a keen vision and sense of smell. It is very good at ambush and chase of small prey. When you meet a winged wolf, you must keep cool to observe its movements to dodge attacks, so you can jump away and attack it the time it flutters to you.)

Source: ONRPG

Hunter Blade

During the closed beta test, various events will be held to give you a better game experience. You can reach the top level 60 in this test but the game data of this testing will be deleted after the test. An English teaser site is now available. You can check out more information and download the client from the website.

Hunter Blade



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