Star Trek Online: Rhode Island Crashes into the C Store

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Last week Star Trek Online released the new tier 2.5 ship the Rhode Island. A variant of the current tier 2 Nova Class. While tier .5 ships are not new to Cryptic's game philosophy of introducing paid ships to the player base that offer unique abilities, this is the first time Cryptic has introduced a ship that is a straight paid upgrade rather than a side step in power.

Unlike the higher end tier 5.5 ships, such as the Klingon Vice Admiral ships that offer abilities like siege mode, but at the expense of losing their cloaking device, the Rhode Island has all of the existing features of a Federation tier 2 ship, but with a lieutenant science bridge officer slot instead of an ensign one, an extra engineering console and a special device that allows the ship to make a clone of itself, essentially an agro dump decoy useful in PVE. This device can also be used on any other Federation ship as well.

While player feedback on the Tribble forums had started out positive, it took a sharp negative spin as players began to test the ship. The Rhode Island was later still released as announced and when players began to complain last week with their "Pay to Win" comments, executive producer Dan Stahl had this to say in response:

If you don't like the Rhode Island, then don't buy it. The team agreed that this ship is not going to break the game. Prove them wrong and we will obviously listen.Aug 19 2011



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