Faxion Online Becomes another Unfortunate MMO that to Shut Down soon

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Date: 08-24-2011 Views: loading

The rumor that the Faxion Online team was laid off now confirmed to be not a fake, as the developer released a notice at the Faxion Online website, announcing the game will shut down next month. It's really a bad news for the game's players, and the Faxion Online developers who may face unemployment.

We're eternally grateful for all the support, feedback, and competition our players have provided through thick and thin. Faxion's development was a Herculean effort that some said was impossible given the timeframe and resources we had, and we’re proud to have delivered a PvP-driven experience that people could enjoy. Alas, all good things must come to an end.


Faxion Online was launched on May 26 and just enjoyed a short life just like Realtime Worlds' APB. Faxion Online is a PvP-oriented MMO that tells the story of the conflict between heaven and hell, in a humorous approach. There are 7 capturable territories, each of which stands for one of the seven sins and gives buffs to the faction who owns it. However, the actual gameplay may not be as interesting as the concept and backstory.

Currently, Faxion Online has closed the cash shop, registration, and client download service.



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