The Secret World Warzone Details Revealed at GamesCom

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Funcom's action MMO title The Secret World will not only have a vibrant open world and abundant of mysteries, quests, dungeon gameplay contents, it'll also have a open world PvP feature that will involve over a hundred players from the 3 factions into the fight. Back at GamesCom, Ten Ton Hammer made an interview with the developer and got some sweet information about the large-scale PvP.

The Secret World PvP

It's called warzone which is larger than the battlegrounds such as Stonehenge, El Dorado, Cimbala, and it focuses on endgame players. Warzone will be persistent and have various capture points that give a faction buffs.

They (warzones) are not instanced and they are always active. On each server, that warzone is persistent and possibly filled up. As for how many we have, we’ve announced the one we have here – it's a city in China. We don’t have a name for it just yet, and we’re not ready to reveal how many there are in the final product just yet.

You can read the full interview at Ten Ton Hammer.



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