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Brawl Busters is a new online game that is currently in closed beta. As the name implies it is a brawling type game. You may be familiar with these types if you have played games like Cosmic Break, or the RIP title, Exteel. It is similar to these types of games due to the modes it provides, giving players the choice to go against other players, or the AI. Starting out the game already seems to bring nothing new to the table, but how does it stack against other games, and is it worth checking out?

Brawl Busters

The game does have a character creation which is kind of decent; it does allow you to pick a body type and gender. It isn't giving you the choice in the way of sliders to actually determine these things, but more of a set of preset choices laid out for you. After picking the body type you do get a limited choice of facial and skin color selection. Overall the selection is a bit mediocre but it does offer a bit more than the standard game in terms of selection.

Brawl Busters

One thing that really stood out for the game is that it does have five classes. Well, this part alone doesn't make the game really unique, but what does make it stick out a bit more is that you aren't stuck with the class you first pick, but instead are able to change classes at will. During a match you're only able to change classes after you die, which is to be expected, but other times you can change it whenever you want. To be honest it did surprise me at first, but in a good way. I like that they did this because it gives you a bit more flexibility in how you play and allow you to change your play style a bit more when you need it, or just feel like trying something a bit different.



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