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The 5-day GamesCom 2011 craze has ended, with all the awards taken away by different games, hardwares and companies. For video game, the main awards including the following: Best of gamescom 2011 - Battlefield 3, Best PC Game - Diablo 3, Best Online Games - The Old Republic, Best Mobile Game - Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Best Browser Game - Sims Social.

The Old Republic

Three games that were nominated for Best Online Game: SWTOR, End of Nations, and Modern Warfare 3. SWTOR demoed Eternity Vault Operation and PvP warzone Huttball at GamesCom. Besides, EA announced to limit the amount of copies available for market at launch. End of Nations had confirmed to be free to play before GamesCom started. You may have your own choices for best gamescom MMO since there were other anticipated MMOs out there - Tera, Firefall, Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, and Age of Wulin also made an appearance in GamesCom. You can find the articles for Tera gamescom trailer, Guild Wars 2 PvP and Crafting demos, and TSW new screenshots at the GamesCom page. So which game is the best one in gamescom in your mind?



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