Gamescom 2011: Torchlight II Released Gameplay Video and New Class

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Runic Games released a new gameplay video and the information about the third class of its Diablo-esque RPG Torchlight II at Gamescom 2011.

Unlike Diablo III, Runic has no intention of implementing a real money trading system in Torchlight II. It is to release a full set of mod tools at the game's launch this fall. Tthe tightly regulated, closed system required for a real-money trading economy wouldn't really work.

Torchlight II

The latest character class - Outlanders are the vagabond come from different backgrounds, cultures, and even races but love travel, eldritch lore and danger. They travel the world in search of forgotten artifacts and forbidden knowledge. They also study the magical and martial arts of various races and have even traded with monsters for the secrets of their crafts: learning incantations from goblin chanters and rune magic from the enigmatic Varkolyn. Their throwing glaive defines her role in combat: Speed, skill, and long-range accuracy - paired with the arcane knowledge to make every attack as lethal as it gets.

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