This's the Actual Gameplay and Class Details for NCsoft's New MMO

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NCsoft has announced its next MMO project WildStar at GamsCom. Yesterday's CG trailer just showed off the fresh graphics style, unique character design, and the humorous theme of the game. Now the actual gameplay footage will let you know more about the gaming world, the combat, and so on. On the other hand, NCsoft revealed the races and class information of the game today. Check it out.

WildStar Gameplay video

The gameplay video shows Human's gameplay at the beginning, in a snowy map. Player not only has to deal with monsters who try to hinder your mission, but also need to watch out the dangerous environment. Looking from the video, the character's movements are quite smooth and the combat is fast. The later part of the video is about party gameplay, where you can take a glance at the reward system that will give party members their rewards separately.

Three characters of different races have been announced. According to neoseeker, Granok is that big golem in the trailer, he's a Warrior class who relies on Adrenaline and Fuel Cells to support his power. "Adrenaline will drain once you are out of combat. Fuel Cells, on the other hand, regen on their own."


Human is obvious the man with two guns, and Aurin is the female character. The man you see in the trailer is a Spellslinger armed with a pair of magic pistols and a teleport ability. Spellslinger's attack depends on Charge and Arcana. Charge determines how powerful your attack is and Arcana affects Spellslinger's magic skills.

Aurin is the female character and the one in the trailer is Esper class, according to neoseeker, and she uses Combo Points and Mana. Combo Points increases the effectiveness of certain abilities and Mana is obviously for casting a magic.


WildStar is developed by a western studio just like Guild Wars 2. The game is now open for beta sign-up. Check out here for beta registration.

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