SWTOR 3 Modes - Flashpoints, HuttBall and Operations

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BioWare announced an all-new War Zone for Star Wars: The Old Republic at gamescom 2011, which called Huttball. This is the third game mode that SWTOR has released. Here is the brief sum-up of the three modes for those who want to learn more details about the game.


The first mode is Flashpoint, which to some degree can be said The Old Republic's version of dungeons. It is self-contained sequences of gameplay designed for a small group of players. Flashpoints are action-packed, story-driven adventures that test a group of players to their limits, putting them up against difficult foes in volatile situations. You and your group need your wits, your skills, and all your resources to emerge victorious.


However, different from other typical dungeons, SWTOR development team is aiming to infuse some of their iconic storytelling techniques into these sequences. The trailer below shows brief snippets from the flashpoint's storyline. These revolved around a high-stakes rescue operation to recover an incarcerated Jedi.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Taral V Flashpoint



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