World of Warplanes Debut Trailer and Details at Gamescom

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Date: 08-18-2011 Views: loading introduces a new set of screenshots and the debut trailer for their new flight combat MMO World of Warplanes. The screens will be among other game content to be unveiled to media during personal presentations in the business area of Gamescom 2011.

World of Warplanes - Gamescom 2011 Debut Trailer

Along with the screenshots, is glad to reveal the information on the aircraft powers that will be presented in the game. Upon its beta release, World of Warplanes will feature around 60 airplanes from Germany, USSR, and USA, with British and Japanese planes to be added with the further content updates. New branches and new planes will be added gradually over the process of development as it is done in World of TanksWorld of Tanks, and the total number might reach several hundred aircraft.

Full SizeWorld of Warplanes

"The development and progress line we've used for World of Tanks turned hugely popular," said CEO Victor Kislyi. "We are developing the same system for World of Warplanes and hope that this continuity will become one of the keys to the game's success."

Full SizeWorld of Warplanes



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