Dota 2 Beta Sign-up Has Already Started (Update: release and beta schedule)

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Update: Gabe Newell talked about release time and beta schedule

Valve's boss Gabe Newell said yesterday in the talk with Eurogamer that Dota 2 won't be released until 2012 as he said "We'll just go into progressively wider and wider distribution. I don't think it'll be shipped until next year."

However, Gabe Newell revealed that the invitation beta will start after the Gamescom tournament ends, followed by a public beta. Dota 2 will be released through Steam, but the game's business model is still to be decided.

Speaking of the development of Dota 2, Newell said that "IceFrog has a bunch of testers he's worked with as long as he's been doing development. The first thing we've been working with is addressing their concerns. We've been through four or five different versions of the user interface, getting it to the point where we've addressed the feedback we've got from those guys."

August 18

Dota fans, do you enjoy "The International" Dota 2 tournament? When you watching the breath-taking competition between the top Dota teams, don't forget to check out the Steam, because the beta sign-up has already begun! Head over to Dota 2 website and find the link for beta application.

Dota 2 beta
First sign in through Steam above, then click the 'Get on the list' button.

Dota 2 has released the first trailer and details of 46 heroes at the official site. For the detailed introductions of Dota 2 heroes, you can go to the schedule page and click the "View" button to get access to the heroes used by the players.

First Trailer for Dota 2

There are still 5 days left before the final champion team stand out, and you can check out the schedule for the upcoming matches and the ranking of the teams. There will be $1 million USD for the champion, $250,000 USD for the 2nd place and $150,000 USD for the 3rd place. In fact, the top 8 teams will be rewarded with certain amount of cash.

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Dota 2
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