First Trailer and Details of Eligium Released at GamesCom

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When Frogster announced their GamesCom line-up, a brand-new MMO called Eligium - The Chosen One was on their list. Now the publisher released more details, including a CG trailer at GamesCom.

Eligium - The Chosen One Gamescom 2011 Trailer

The trailer depicts a band of fearless heroes mounting a daring attack on a massive demon fortress. The three adventurer's swathe through their enemies in stunning fashion before their true target reveals himself. This is the target of the Chosen One.


Developed by Chinese developer Shanda Games Ltd. Eligium is called Magic World Online 2 in China. The game is powered by Gamebryo Engine and it features a combination of eastern and western elements. There are 4 races: Human, Elf, Silvia and Panda and 5 classes: Warrior, Hunter, Druid, Mage and Fighter. Dungeons, raids, mounts, pets, player housing, guild war are all included in the game. Besides, Eligium has an interesting PvP feature that allows gamers to duke it out through mini game - kind of puzzle game. Of course, if you prefer the traditional way and want to smash your opponent with your sword, you are free to do that.


Eligium is scheduled to launch in Q1 2012 in English, German, French and Polish language versions. The beta will begin later this year and interested players can sign up at the official site.




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